Therapeutic Expertise

Central Nervous System

O4 Research was responsible for the project/site management and recruitment of a Phase III Alzheimer’s study.  As a complex clinical trial with many different elements to consider, O4 conducted a comprehensive site selection process to ensure potential investigative sites met the extensive criteria for what was required in terms of staff resources and facilities available.  

Due to the extensive eligibility criteria, this study experienced a high global screen-fail rate and combined with a delay in access to imaging resources, the timeline for recruitment into this study was significantly reduced. We understood the importance our client placed on timelines and were proactive in executing a comprehensive recruitment strategy in order to accelerate recruitment through a range of initiatives within the consolidated enrolment period and meet project goals.

Effective communication with site staff and all relevant stakeholders involved was critical in overcoming barriers.  At O4 we are mindful that people are much more motivated when they are kept informed and feel integral to the study and ultimately this approach led to a successful study outcome.

Theraputic Expertise Case Studies