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With tried and trusted RWE processes and infrastructure already in place, we are a respected and valued partner for these studies.

All too often our partners cite their previous RWE stumbling blocks, including lack of sustained site engagement and modest participant enrolment/retention. O4 Engage™, our sector leading approach, has been developed and refined specifically to overcome such concerns and delivers exceptional outcomes. Our overarching strategy, including every targeted communication and campaign, helps to create energy and excitement amongst study teams and participants. We make sure your study becomes a priority and that everyone understands the importance and benefits of taking part.

By applying O4 Accelerate™, we expedite the overall study timeline by working hard to optimise each element of the study experience and ultimately make life easier for all stakeholders involved. We recognise that perception is based on experience. We establish strong relationships with our clinical teams, fully supporting them to maximise recruitment, efficiently perform data entry activities and optimise patient retention, whilst generating positivity around your study.

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Real World Evidence Studies

We have developed a highly effective infrastructure and methodologies for performing full service observational studies that will surpass your expectations. We are experts in branding studies, increasing engagement and harnessing this positivity with our innovative approaches to deliver exceptional performance.

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On and Off Site Management Support

We create an energy around each study, empowering and motivating site teams to focus on recruitment and retention. We can place our own, fully managed Clinical Research Coordinators on-site, to focus exclusively on your study .

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Clinical Trial Design and Management

We support and guide you to develop and optimise your concept, providing full service clinical trial delivery and early access to our senior team. We use our expertise to simplify the process and make it more efficient and effective for all stakeholders.

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Functional Support

We support our clients at all stages of drug or medical device development and commercialisation. We offer customised services for the specific tasks required to manage and complete the study life cycle. We give you the support you need to deliver high quality research, on time and on budget.

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