Vaccines -
Global Vaccine Clinical Trial

Phase III safety, efficacy and immunogenicity adult vaccine study with 5 year follow-up


750 patients.

Challenging patient population to recruit and retain, including a more than or equal to 80 years of age cohort and a 5 year follow‑up period.

Global Sponsor HQ had the perception that UK research activity was not competitive and unreliable due to the UK team regularly missing key recruitment targets /timelines.


O4 developed a meticulous and cost effective patient recruitment plan in order that the O4 team could identify and pre-screen patients and proposed an ambitious site recruitment target (higher than other contributing countries). We presented O4’s innovative approach directly to the Sponsor Global team and this was the basis upon which O4 in conjunction with the UK affiliate was awarded study allocation.

O4 EngageTM and O4’s AccelerateTM was deployed form the outset and we created a highly effective and bespoke community outreach programme to engage directly with the target population and increase awareness of both the disease area and study. Study specific tools were developed to encourage ongoing engagement with study participants.


We achieved the target UK patient allocation 3 months ahead of schedule. Consequently country allocation was increased in order to accomplish the global trial target. The UK patient retention rate was 18% higher than the study average and data query rate significantly lower.

of original UK recruitment
target achieved
patient retention
rate at 5 yrs

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